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New beta launched

Post#1 » Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:27 am

New, updated version of wow-heroes can be found at . If it works out ok, we'll have it moved to the main page in a few days. New features:
- Live guild list, just type your guild name and let wow-heroes grab fresh data from armory for all your guild members. However, recently cached members will not be updated from armory again, since there is no need.
- Guild list now has max 300 (!) characters, instead of 35.
- click on any character in guild list to view its profile on Character page
- Guild list is now sortable. You can also hold Shift and click on second column to sort by it too.
- click on any character in guild list to view its profile on wow-heroes
- all special character problems should be gone (like áäčďéěëíňóöřšťúůüýž...)
- I've added Russian realms, welcome guys :)

Please note that, since beta database is empty now, you might have to wait for results at start. Lots of people will start guild queues and it all needs to be taken from armory. Thanks for patience :)

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