Question regarding heroic raid gear vs. reg raid gear

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Question regarding heroic raid gear vs. reg raid gear

Post#1 » Fri May 20, 2011 2:50 pm


I just wanted to find out more about something that has been bothering me a little bit about your gear rankings. I am more than a little confused as to why my character's pieces of heroic raid gear do not vastly outweigh his two pieces of 346 blue gear.

Since the normalization of stat points per item level in cataclysm (ie: same stat budget for a rare item as for an epic item of the same item level), I would think that the three 372 pieces would more than cancel out the two 346 ones and put me on par or slightly above someone with all 359 gear.

But, that is not the case here, wow-heroes has my toon ranked at 4771, while another hunter on my server is listed at 4840, with no heroic gear.

Server name: Trollbane, US
Toon names: Zurai, Mashele

To break it down by item level:

372- Zurai 3, Mashele 0
359- Zurai 11, Mashele 14
353- Zurai 0, Mashele 2
346- Zurai 2, Mashele 0

Also, Mashele is using quite a few more subpar chants according to your rankings (and even more bad chants according to every theorycrafter out there, ie chanting for hit and mastery), as well as very poor gem choices (again, gemming for straight hit to match crappy socket bonuses, etc)

Now, I'm not saying that my toon should be ranked much higher than that of Mashele since our equipped average item level on the armory is almost identical (359 for Zurai, 358 for Mashele), I would actually be fine with being ranked roughly the same. I just don't get how two blue items penalizes me more than seventy points in your rankings (taking into consideration the points I gain for the proper chants in your system).

Now I know this may just seem like another QQ post trying to compare epeens, but it really is not, I am just curious as to the rationale behind what appears to me to be completely arbitrary point assessments to items.

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