Some trinkets should be rated higher!

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Some trinkets should be rated higher!

Post#1 » Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:47 pm

why is it that very good trinkets and trinkets that lack their maximum stats ar rated so low??

E.G.- Illustration of the Dragon soul, Fury of the Five Flights, Eye of the Broodmother( which is crap compared to the illustration or my ebrace of the spider trinket)[for arcane mages btw]

alot of the higher trinkets arnt as good as many of the lower ones. and most of us are trying to use which is best in slot and may be a lower level. I would definently not wear a higher item lvl and get lower dps just to geta higher gear score on wowheroes.

and also sometimes people wear their lower get for set bonuses so i believe some gear score should be obtained partially from set bonuses.

so i ask that you guys possible raise the item level on those superior trinkets, and add gear score to set bonuses

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Re: Some trinkets should be rated higher!

Post#2 » Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:51 pm

And why would Illustration of Dragon Soul have more score than it already has? WoW Heroes has chosen item level as the base for gear score. It's not perfect, but at least it makes possible for people to compare each others gear and see their approximate "standings" in gear race. For example, WoW Heroes staff will decide to give higher score to that trinket, because it's awesome. Next day someone else (let's say melee DPS) comes to WoW Heroes and asks to change some other score on site, because that sword he got in Naxx is so much better than Ulduar drops he has seen so far or because his trinket is BiS, though its item level is low.

Even if that doesn't happen, changing gear score just because item is great is not the smartest thing to do in my opinion. I've seen system Wowhead uses and to be honest I'm still scratching my head, every time I use it.

For your gear level and spec Illustration of Dragon Soul is awesome. For some other spec/class it might be just a very good trinket, but not as awesome as for you. Should there be different score for every spec/class?

It's pretty hard to compare different classes and specs, but it's not that hard to compare their gear and enchants, if you take only item level in consideration and not some theorycrafting stuff. Even if some items will get different score, how would you compare a warrior and a mage with same score? And since you mentioned DPS, do you really care that you have 13 less score while using Illustration of Dragon Soul while being at the top of damage meters? I honestly don't care. WoW Heroes doesn't provide any info about player's skill or DPS. It's just that: browsable profiles of most WoW lvl 70+ characters. WoW Heroes doesn't give you advices on how to gear your character nor how to improve your DPS or beat a hard mode as specific class. I honestly don't see any reason why would they want to start changing score system they are already using.

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