Data not updating for Guild Gear Score

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Data not updating for Guild Gear Score

Post#1 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:21 pm

When I retrieve data from the Armory I get updated data but some of our members are missing; even if I retrieve their data individually on the character screen. When I don't retrieve new data they show up on the guild list but the cache icon indicates the data is out of date. Here are pictures of the list with the 'retrieve data' box checked and unchecked:

US/Aerie Peak/Midnight Fire
Gorgonis and Luthienenha don't show when retrieving live data.

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Re: Data not updating for Guild Gear Score

Post#2 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:36 pm

About this problem i will have to quote one of your first posts here:
I feel your pain. I'm actually writing a letter to the President of Blizzard today because our guild has been a total mess in the Armory since last November when we had a problem Blizzard tech support fixed. Our individual members show as in our guild but when we look at the guild page it only shows people who were in the guild when the problem happened. and are NOT in the guild now. After 10+ months of using the REPORT ERROR feature and reporting it on forums and via Customer Support on I'm taking it to the top. All they say is 'it's in beta' ... ya well it's time to birth the baby; how long is it gonna stay in Beta? And being in Beta doesn't mean you don't listen to problems and at least try to fix em. We have about 450 people in our guild but show about 10 (who again aren't even in it LOL).

It looks like your guild have serious problems with armory :(
Your problem is fixed now ,if appears again please try to live update your character at character page so wow-heroes can recognized your guild properly.
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